Accessories Summary

Extras to augment your Smart Desk Model C interface.

Your user experience can be made better with add-ons not included in your primary order, please choose from our prepared goodies below to fill in the needs that you might be missing out on.


If you have bought the slim and have decided to upgrade its capabilities this is the kit for you! Upgrade your Smart Desk Model C Slim to a full Model C with high quality Stereo Speakers.

Included in the Smart Desk Model C slim upgrade kit is a set of two speakers that connect to the underside of the slim, the accompanying speaker chambers, the aluminum housing for the speakers, skeletonized grill, and relevant hardware screws.


The dongle Port connects a USBC male connector to a female USBC, female HDMI, and female USBC. It is the primary means by which your computer can be connected to the Smart Desk Model C. It is included with the Smart Desk Model C Pro or can be purchased by clicking on the link below.


Extra 64GB SD card memory and Desk Banner LiveCopper golf Towel. A little extra to add to your Smart Desk Experience; the SD card is great for storing the “Hello Steven” AI when you are using your Smart Desk Model C in conjunction with multiple computers or operating systems.

Enjoy the custom LiveCopper Desk Banner Towel with your golf set; softness for cleaning is its number one priority.


The Smart Desk Model C needs to be connected to your computer and desk appliances, enjoy several different options from the hand-picked cables for connecting you Smart Desk Model C to your set up.