Different Cables For Different Needs

When connecting your Smart Desk you will find that having longer cables may suit your desk better than being limited by the short reach of the included cables. Like a longer charging cable for your phone, you’ll find that having extra-long cables allows you to drop the extra cord behind your desk and reappear where you need it and be able to pull it out as you move your desks accessories into new places. Moving your laptop to your lap or your sensor bar to a new sensing place or a screen to a different viewing angle makes your desk fit you. Use longer cords to make your smart desk movable to fit your ergonomics.

USB Extension

The female to female USBC can be used for connecting the Smart Desk Model C to your computer from a distance with the use of a male to female cord

C2A Attachment

Use the c2a connector to link a USBC cable to a more common USBA outlet. No data will be lost although it may be slowed due to the capabilities of the receiving ports


Connected by USBC the Port dongle adds 3 USBA ports and a HDMI Port for connecting your accessories (mouse, keyboard ect.) and your monitor

Longer HDMI Cable

Connecting the Smart Desk Model C to multiple monitors distanced from each other may require longer HDMI cables.

Longer USBC Cable

The extended male to female cable is for connecting your USBC compatible components from a distance. Ideal for connecting your laptop to your smart desk or to connect your Smart Desk Model C to a power source from a distance.