Model C Standard

Smart Desk Model C

All the Ports for your Desk

Amplified Stereo Audio

Microphone with Touch Control and OLED display


Say "Hello Steven"

The Smart Desk Model C is a beautiful smart docking station for your desktop  to connect all your peripherals with a single USB cable.  The built-in stereo speakers are ideal for conference calls also work for voice commands and music. All the ports link to your laptop’s USBC through the included USBC or USBA cable to expand the number of accessories connected to your laptop. The single connection makes connecting to your keyboard, mouse, multiple screens, power supply, and extra USB accessories simpler than having to connect them directly to your laptop’s limited number of ports.

SD card memory

SD card slot for pictures, mp3, and additional onboard program storage


Two USB-c, Screen on/off switch, Ethernet,

High Speed 2.0 USB, 12 G bus and GPIO signals,

Removable panel for adding internal sensors
ie. Temp. or internal stand-alone battery

  • AI for voice enablement and custom configuration to enable the Model C to work for you, with custom applications that integrate with your computer applications.  It also gives you standard AI information about weather, terms and standard knowledge without needing a separate AI device for your office environment.


  • expansion to monitor temperature, vibration, air quality and other desk parameters, which then can be controlled through the AI.


  • Speaker phone with quick button Speaker Mute and Audio Mute. The amplified Mic and speakers Allowing you to listen to you Zoom calls across the room.

  • The Model C is a new device category that makes your desk smart and functional. With a customizable AI and the ability to sense and control your desk.