Today's Leader Organic Farming Products

Our Organic Honey helps your body heal from alergies, find us in bay area farmers markets


Protocols that use CRiSPR & AI to change human biology

Natural Farming

No Pesiticides

No Treatments

Bacteria to CRISPR our protocols help Bees

DNA editing is changing the  way we look at bacteria and how it interacts with your body.  LiveCopper develops protocols for gene therapies for cancer treatments.

Over 10,000 hives, all raised naturally

Become someone different

Experiences that change who you are and how you behave.  Technology that is designed to make you a better person.

With Queen selection and proper rNA editing using the latest isolation techniques discovered in US Davis. Our hives require no treadment and are 100% natural

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Life is for living, we  use technology to allow you to live different and change