It’s important to have extra components that enhance your work environment. Typical additional purchases include:

  • External Stereo Speakers
  • External Headphone Jacks
  • Desktop Hub for Keyboard/Mouse/Ethernet
  • External Microphone and Audio Input
  • Wireless phone Charging
  • Conference Call Speaker

The Model C offers a single and elegant device that enables your desk to have all these features in one device and gives your desktop even more interesting features including:

  • AI for voice enablement and custom configuration to enable the Model C to work for you, with custom applications that integrate with your computer applications.
  • It also gives you standard AI information about weather, terms and standard knowledge definitions without needing a separate AI device for your office environment.
  • Sensor expansion to monitor temperature, vibration, air quality and other desk parameters, which then can be controlled through the AI.

Speaker phone with quick button Speaker Mute and Audio Mute. The amplified Mic and speakers Allowing you to listen to you Zoom calls across the room.

The Model C is a new device category that makes your desk smart and functional. With a customizable AI and the ability to sense and control your desk, you won’t ever be working alone again.