The Model C works with Windows, acting as a complete USB docking station. Windows Compatible Smart applications work with the OLED display and assorted sensors creating a Smart Desk for any Windows environment. Once single USB A or C cable can connect your computer to all your devices.

Stereo Audio gives you excellent audio performance and with the Smart Desk Woofer, you will feel the bass like you never have on any desktop audio system.

Windows 9, 10, & 11 drivers and SDX kernel available. 

Docking Station

Stereo Audio

5 High Speed USB Ports

Ethernet & SD

  • OLED Display for Apps
  • Volume Control via Model C buttons
  • Audio On/Off
  • Mic and Headphone audio selection
  • OSX Stereo Audio Control (Right/Left volume)
  • I2C and GPIO drivers for connected sensors
  • SD card standard Windows drivers
  • Windows Ethernet  Driver
  • Voice Interaction (Not enabled in 1.0) Voice interaction support will drop by 12/25/2021
  • AI Neuronet (Not enabled in 1.0) The custom Neuronet will drop by 12/25/2021

Software can be installed on Windows from the download section at