Glass Top and Display

The Model C has a Glass Top with an OLED display to allow custom applications to visually display information about your desk.

The glass top also contains touch buttons to allow you to easily control key aspects of the Model C.

  • Speaker Mute
  • Volume Control
  • Mic Mute
  • All Audio on/off
  • Network connectivity jitter graphs
  • Time of day clock and work hours left
  • Temperature display and graph to track your office area temperature ranges
  • Slack scrolling display for monitoring conversations
  • Developers can even utilize our Smart Desk API to build additional custom apps.
  • Light on/off LED status lights allow you to quickly see key status elements including:
  • Speaker Mute Status
  • Mic Mute Status
  • AI engagement OLED Display
  • Displays applications output, so you can see what the Model C AI is doing for you.