Products LIst

  • Smart Desk Bundle

    All three core Smart Desk Products,  Smart Desk Model C,  Smart Desk Smart Bar & Smart Desk Boom.  Everything you need for a great desktop experience.
  • Smart Desk Model C

    Speaker for conference calls and talking with the Model C
  • Model C Pro

    64 Gigabyte SD Storage, HDMI & Charging Your ultimate Smart Docking Station
  • Smart Desk Sensor Kit

    Sensors that drop into your Smart Bar and Model C give you flexibility to sense your environment. Sensors include: A, B, C, D, E
  • Smart Desk Subwoofer

    Upgrade the sound at minimal cost to you. This bass is mathematically sculpted for optimal audio output.
  • Smart Desk Smart Bar

    Pick and choose the factors you want to monitor in your environment with sensors for touch, temperature, air quality, IR motions, and others.