Model C Pro

64 Gigabyte SD Storage, HDMI & Charging

Your ultimate Smart Docking Station


Pro adds HDMI and Charging

The Smart Desk Model C Pro is design to act as a complete docking station that supports pass through charging on a USBC port, an external HDMI port as well as connecting the Model C to your computer utilizing a single USBC port.

Sd card

Upgrade the internal storage of your Smart Desk Model C with an included 64 GB SD card.
Useful for storing the “hello Steven” AI, your music, pictures, and personal data.


The Dongle included with the Smart Desk Model C Pro connects your laptop through a USBC to the Smart Desk Model C Pro, your power source, and an additional external HDMI cable to your computer screen.

Live copper banner towel

Desk top LiveCopper banner towel with two clips to hang on your wall doubles as a personal extra soft, extra thread count golf towel to clean your clubs while showing off on the greens. Included are clips and holders to connect the towel to your Golf Club Bag D-rings.

SD card memory

SD card slot for pictures, mp3, and additional onboard program storage