Welcome To Your Smart Desk

Your Smart Desk has a lot of features, but the there are some easy steps to get started.

Connecting you ModelC

1. Connect the center rear USBC port to your computer. For the ModelC and ModelC pro we provide a red USBC to USBC cable. For this purpose. The ModelC pro also provides a USBA to USBC dongle so that you can connect to a USBA port.

2. Select the Audio device using your Windows Audio or Mac Audio selection menu. The ModelC shows up as a USB audio device. This should allow your ModelC to connect and play your computers audio amplified.

3. All the USB ports should be working, the rear USBC port and the rear USBA port should be working, as well as the 4 USB ports facing forward.

4. You can connect external power to your ModelC by connecting any USBA power brick to the corner ready USBC connector. This will provide additional power to the amplifier for improved audio performance and loud volumes.

5. The forward facing headphone jack is found on the far left, and the audio in jack is one in from the headphone jack. The rear audio jack can be used to connect your desktop sound system to the ModelC. You can also run a audio feed into the amplifier from the rear audio port.

Install Smart Desk OS (SDX)

The next step is to install and configure the software for your Smart Desk.

1. The ModelC comes with a AI engine and various Smart Applications. The Smart Desk OS is named SDX and will need to installed on your desktop.

2. You can get the latest downloads of SDX from the Downloads section on www.livecocpper.com/downloads. The latest versions of the software are posted in the download section

3. For Apple Mac's, and installer with all the AI and Applications are available. You will need to accept Apples security requests to allow SDX to connect with the speakers, microphone and keyboard for the Smart Apps. 4. For Windows, we provide a .zip file with the SDX and various drivers (Ethernet and C++ library for OLED display and I2C sensors). Simply Unzip the download .zip file and in the SDX folder you can run the SDXkernel.exe SDX OS application

The ModelC has multiple applications that will run and provide your desktop functionality.

1. Clock – Provides you with time of day and available Mana for you until the next day. Watch you battery cell of mana run down throughout the day

2. Temperature – Provides you a chart of desktop temperatures throughout the day

3. League of Legend – Application Status, where you can see a jitter graph, ping time as well as summary of Q, W, E, R keys used during the game