What is a smart Desk!

The Smart Desk Model C is a desk minimalizing accessory that moves all your cord connections into one plug to your laptop. The Model C also features desk essential abilities to keep your workstation optimized for conference calls, voice commands, and environment monitoring.

Smart Desk Model C

Beautiful Aluminum and Glass device, ready for the nicest desktop environments.

SD card memory

SD card slot for pictures, mp3, and additional onboard program storage


Two USB-c, Screen on/off switch, Ethernet, High Speed 2.0 USB, 12 G bus and GPIO signals, Removable panel for adding internal sensors ie. Temp. or internal stand-alone battery

Smart Desk Docking Station

The Docking station is the right addition to your desk. Designed as a docking station, built as a desk buddy, your workflow bro makes your Smart Desk enjoyable to see and use.

Several additions expand its capabilities. For the accessorized they augment, for the minimalist they enhance. The Smart Desk Smart features turn your smart desk’s abilities into feedback to make your desk yours.

It your needs in your configuration.

Docking ports on all sides of the Model C allow your desk station to be configured where you need interactions to be without wires becoming crossed. A single connection to your laptop makes connecting to your station quick and simple.

When not working the Steven AI has several hidden easter eggs to keep your Smart Desk Fun: Smart Screen Mini games, jokes on demand, stored music and more features for you to find in your free time.