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What is  a Smart Desk Hub

The ModelC smart desk hub is product that allows anyone to build a Smart Desk environment while giving you everything you need to manage all your connected devices. The ModelC from LiveCopper Inc also gives you unique features that help you enjoy working at your desk at home or at the office. The most interesting features include

  • Stereo Speakers which give you all the desktop audio you need, and with their boom woofer product,  it is by far the best audio you will hear for off the shelf audio.  LiveCopper didn’t hold back on the quality of the both the high range and low range frequencies, and allow you to select the amount of mid-range and bass you want to hear.   The only way to understand how great the audio is, is to purchase one and set it up. With the ModelC and Woofer set,  you can get everything for around 400.00 and with all the other features in this smart hub, betting amazind audio will change your desktop experience.  You won’t every be able to go back to Bose or other medium quality Bass envirnoments again.

  • Amplified Microphone for Speaker Phone Features: If you have ever used a polycom speaker phone, you know how nice it is to be able to hear audio well and have those in the meeting hear you.  The amplified onboard mic allows you to be anywhere in the room and speak to your conference participants.  This allows you to engage with meeting participants hands free, on a speakerphone anywhere in your office.


  • Full Aluminum case with Glass Top: This beautifully designed device sets the tone for interfacing with all your devices.  With the matt black all aluminum case, metal grill, and clean ports,  this unit was designe to be beautiful for any high end desktop environment. The dollars you spend on this devices is well worth it due too the quaility of the material,  and the components which are 100% dis-assemblable.  With regular phillip head metal screws on the all aluminum bottom, it’s straight forward to take about, modify and re-assemble your ModelC.  Care was taken in supporting part replacement and modifications.  From enabling lighting of the stereo speakers, to changing light defaults, to adding sensors in a rear sensor chaimber. The Aluminum case is unique for any consumer desktop peripheral.


  • Physical Control Buttons:   The ModelC has mutiple flush top buttons to allow you to quickly control the audio interface. The number one feature is the “Mute” button that mutes the speakers, but not the headphone jack,  so if you want to mute the audio plaing in the room, a quick press turns off  the stereo speakers, but leaves audio plaing in your headphones.  A great feature that works great for in-office environments, as well as zoom calls where you migth want to share your audio with someone joining you for a call.   At the same time the Mic mute button allows you to quickly control the onboard speaker phone mic,  so you don’t have to mute on your conference call.  People in your meeting will not know you have muted yourself, but you will know based on the LED’s that give you status o the top glass dispay.


  • Voice Activation of Smart Hub Apps:  The ModelC comes with a voice activated custom AI, that allows you to interact with the ModelC. Yes Jarvis and other AI’s have never taken off,  but now with ChatGPT integration, you can interact with ChatGPT with just your voice.  At the same time, the ModelC has a local AI that allows you to customize local commands to control your computer’s applications and responses.  Using this with the combination with the ModelC sensor bus,  you can build custom applications that control your phisical environment. Wtih a 110/220volt relay, you can voice activate anything that using power at your desk.   One our favorite command is “Steve Sleep” to immediately put your computer to sleep.


  • USB Ports, Ethernet, Audio In/Out and SD card: built in for your common desktop ports. You can never have enough ports for your favorite devices.  The ModelC comes with 4 forward facing USB ports, 2 rear facing USB ports, rear facing ethernet, rear facing I2C and GPIO ports and optional external power.  All of these ports allow you to enable your desktop to interface with your computer with one simple USBC line that can connect either to a USBA port of a USBC port on your computer.   The ModelC will also work without external power, but if running heavy audio loads, you will want to add and extra USBA power into the unit to get maximum amps from your stereo audio speakers.


  • I2C and GPIO Senor Lines to you Computer:  Unique to the ModelC is the I2C Bus and GPI pins, that allow you to connect any I2C sensors and GPIO senors directly to you Computer.  Instead of needing a seperate Raspberry Pi,  you can run senor code directly on your PC/Mac, and create custom apps for your desktop environment.  There are 100’s of sensors,  from temperate, motion, air monitoring, barometric pressure, OLED displays, touch sensors and many others.   Write your code in C,  or use our python environment to run raspberry pi python code write on your Mac or Windows machine.


Follow along with other blog articles as we show you how to customize your desktop environment.


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